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The youngest municipality in RS gives married couples 12,000 KM for an apartment


With 12,000 KM of budget funds, the municipality of Stanari will push all young married couples who want to build their nest in this local community, ie buy an apartment, build or buy a house.

“We were guided by the calculation that in the area of ​​the municipality of Stanari, the purchase or construction of one housing unit for a young married couple costs between 60 and 80 thousand KM. up to 20 percent and with that calculation we came to 12,000 KM. As someone who has almost gone through the whole process, I believe that this will be a significant help to our young married couples, “said today Denis Stevanović, Deputy Mayor of Stanari (SP).

Dušan Panić, the head of Stanari (SNSD), points out that the municipality has supported Stanari since the beginning of its establishment when it comes to offspring and schooling of children.

“And of course to complete that story, today we also supported this activity. There will be a public call, 12 thousand, those are the initial funds. This is a very rural area, so we decided equally for apartments and houses, “said Panić.

All couples will have the same criteria that they must meet regardless of whether they are buying an apartment or a house or building their own home, which is that they are up to 35 years old, that one of the spouses has lived in the youngest local community in RS for at least three years. they are not property owners, that is, it is their first housing unit.

Only one vote was missing for all councilors in the Municipal Assembly of Stanari to support this decision, which was sent to the parliamentary procedure by the Socialists, but the independent councilor Sasa Djukic had a different calculation.

He abstained because he believes that young married couples should be supported with a larger amount.

“I think that 12 thousand marks are very, very small, not to say a miserable amount, help, when we all know how much housing units cost to build, that is, to buy. Considering that the municipality has a budget of 11 million KM, considering that in its expenditure side there are many items that in my opinion should be shortened and reduced, I think there was room there. a man is welcome today, “says Đukić.




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