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There is no EU membership without resolving the Kosovo issue


The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that there was no doubt that without resolving the Kosovo issue, Serbia would not be a member of the EU, and that this was an unequivocal clear message from the EU.

– Whether we like it or not, that’s right. And they did not lie to us there – said Vučić.

He added that he is not very optimistic that it is possible to find a compromise solution between Belgrade and Priština, but he emphasizes that Belgrade must participate in the talks and do everything to preserve peace and all its interests.

– I don’t see how we can agree. Whenever I asked what the solution was, no one told me. Everyone rolls their eyes, because everyone expects someone in Serbia to say that Kosovo is not Serbia – stated Vučić.

He added that there was a different distribution of economic power in Europe and the world and a terrible growth of one European power, which, as he assessed, will bring more difficult issues for Serbia on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija.

He pointed out on several occasions that Germany came out of the epidemic with new strength.

– It is obvious that there is a big conflict between the two Western powers over the situation in Priština. We’ll see what happens around their government. We do not see how and in what way and what we can agree on, but we are ready to talk, to solve countless problems between Serbs and Albanians – said Vučić.

He added that when asked what the solution was, he only heard that there was no change in the borders.

– They are waiting for someone in Serbia to say that it is not Serbia, or we will give up everything so that someone would pat us on the shoulder – Vučić said.

Speaking about the new decision of the Montenegrin authorities to open the borders with Serbia, Vučić said that they are open so that the citizens of Serbia must go to quarantine when they cross there.

He added that he could not understand the closing of the borders for political reasons.

Vučić, explaining the rapid tests on the crown conducted by Montenegro and some countries, said that according to the results of those rapid tests, Serbia could already declare victory over the virus.

– Just so people know – we haven’t had any infected people on quick tests in the past two days. Rapid tests do not catch the crown in any case – he says.

He stated that Montenegro opened the borders for the citizens of Kosovo, because they recognize them as a state, and Serbia sent tests for that crown to Kosovo.

– And now Kosovo is better than us – Vučoć added.




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