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There Is No Reason to Call Holding Elections Into Question


Lazar Prodanović, a member of the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, has said that there is no reason to call the holding of local elections in BiH this year into question as necessary funds for holding them have been planned in the budget.
Prodanovic has stressed that responsibility is now on the BiH Central Election Commission.

He has said that much work is ahead of BiH but he believes that the budget of institutions for this year, as one of the current priorities, will be passed by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.

“A session of the House of Representatives is scheduled for July 7, while the House of Peoples is expected to be in session a day later to debate this year’s budget. For the time being, we can hear that the document will be passed in an urgent procedure. We agree to support it in both procedures,” Prodanović told the Glas Srpske daily.

According to him, everything that could have been done was done regarding the proposed budget under the circumstances, and this is to direct around BAM 40 million in savings to cushion the blow of the coronavirus.

“It would be important if the Budget is passed as soon as possible so that we could do that which was planned with the reduced budget by the end of the year. If we work in an urgent procedure, this is the ‘take it or leave it’ option. This is a proposal that was harmonized in the BiH Council of Ministers and the Presidency so I believe it has enough support in the BiH Parliament,” Prodanović said.

He has added that a BiH-EU stabilization and association parliamentary committee is an important body and that it should be confirmed by the House of Representatives next week.

According to him, the committee will be formed after that and rules of procedures will be adopted, by which one of the 14 priorities from the recent report on BiH will be fulfilled.

“Now, we should focus on the additional seven priorities which should be fulfilled by the end of October. These are mostly amendments to laws, after which a report will be forwarded to the European Commission for an opinion,” Prodanović said.

Prodanović has said that BiH needs an EU candidate status and that there is a consensus between major political actors for these issues to be resolved in a relatively short time.


Source: SRNA


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