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These Are Significant Events That Represent Banja Luka in the Region


Banjaluka is a modern city, recognized in the world and the region for its natural beauty. Kayaking, rafting and fishing are just a few of the attractions that lure tourists from all over the world.
However, what makes this city recognizable is its quality and rich content when it comes to cultural, artistic, sports and music events.

Many new events have been included in the calendar of events in Banja Luka this year, as well as those that have existed for several years and represent this city in the region and the world. All these events are of great importance to the city’s reputation, and in order to grow and develop from year to year, the support received from society and institutions is significant. These are just some of those events.

Nektar Fresh Wave Festival










WHEN: August 2020
WHERE: Castle Kastel
TICKET PRICE: from 55 to 75 KM
MORE INFORMATION:  www.freshwavefestival.com

It is the most significant electronic music festival in the whole of BiH, which gives visitors a unique opportunity to hear the world’s most popular performers. The Fresh Wave Festival takes place at the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka, which gives the whole event extra authenticity and charm. Since 2019, apart from the electronic music performers, musicians from the world of hip-hop, techno and drum and bass are also introduced to the audience. In addition to bringing the biggest names of electronic music to the city, Fresh Wave Festival also gives the opportunity to smaller regional bands to introduce themselves to the audience. Throughout the duration, many fans of the genre enjoy the beauty of not only the festival but the whole of Banja Luka.

Run & More Weekend Festival









WHEN: April 11, 2020
WHERE: Krajina Square
TICKET PRICE: from 35 to 60 KM
MORE INFORMATION:  www.runandmore.org

The central sporting event for which Banjaluka is visited by professional and recreational runners from all over the world in April. The half marathon is run through the most beautiful streets, alleys and parks of Banja Luka, and ends at Kastel Fort. This sporting festival is included in the calendar of world prestigious races, and in addition to the half marathon race, there are also competitions aimed at teenagers, preschool children, as well as company races. The rich choice for all runners and many accompanying events, such as concerts and professional forums, make this festival one of the most important events in the city.

“Conversion” Conference










WHEN: April 25-26, 2020
WHERE: Banski Dvor
ENTRY PRICE: 197 euros
MORE INFORMATION:  www.konverzija.org

“Conversion” is a regional conference that brings together experts in the field of digital marketing, and in the past three years has attracted a lot of attention from people from the aforementioned industry, media and large companies who want to support such a business event. The organizers of the conference emphasize the quality of education and see this event as an opportunity for the selfless exchange of knowledge, experience and quality business connection. At this two-day conference, as many as 500 attendees will have the opportunity to listen to 20 top speakers who will cover a number of digital marketing topics through their lectures. Another benefit of the event is the fact that it takes place in the beautiful setting of Banski Dvor. This year’s novelty is also the charity of the event, so seven euros from each ticket sold will be donated to charity.

Motofest Banja Luka










WHEN: May 2020
WHERE: Fortress Kastel
TICKET PRICE: from 10 to 17 KM
MORE INFO: www.motofestbl.com

For three years in a row, Motofest has been organized in Banja Luka, organized by the “Hornet” motto club. This event brings together two-wheeler lovers from around the world, and in the last year alone, it had around 20,000 visitors. The rich content of the festival is what makes it memorable, so at the end of May in our city, we have the opportunity to see an international exhibition and motor fair, a unique moto-defile, stunt rides, a choice of the best motor, biker games and much more. As if all this was not enough, this festival also has a humanitarian character, and part of the funds is donated to the Association of Haemophilia Patients and Children with the Disease.

Fest Theater “Petar Kočić”










WHEN: 4-11. June 2020
WHERE: National Theater of the Republic of Srpska
TICKET PRICE: 100 KM ticket for all performances
MORE INFORMATION:  www.np.rs.ba

In 2020, the National Theater of Republic of Srpska will organize the XXIII Theater Fest “Petar Kočić”. This event is held within the “Spring in Banja Luka”, which runs from April to June and offers about 100 different cultural, artistic and entertaining events to the audience. In addition to the main program, or theatrical performances, many accompanying events are represented within the festival. A great achievement for this event and its organizers is that since last year they have received an EFFE label confirming the regional and European quality and importance of this theater festival.


Source: ATV


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