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This is a shame for the entire mankind (VIDEO)


The green and beautiful Drina River has now become a floating landfill.

Terrifying images are coming from Visegrad because tons of waste have reached the Drina Lake due to the flood wave. Plastic bottles, bags, household appliances, furniture… all of it floats through the tributaries and has formed an ecological bomb that is about to explode.

“This is such a shame for the entire mankind. These pictures in the 21st century are simply unacceptable. That garbage, stored and thrown into the river, is a real environmental disaster. With this garbage, many problems arrive in Visegrad, we are afraid of infectious diseases”, outraged citizens of Višegrad say to RINA News.

This problem has existed for years and is not being solved in any way. People anxiously await every rain, because they know that soon their river will become an ugly place. The installed sprocket barely keeps all that waste from breaking through. Garbage comes from Serbia through the Lim tributary, but also through the Drina from Montenegro, as well as from Foča and Goražde. This is the problem of all three countries, and it seems that none of them is particularly interested in solving it.

“Along the coasts there are unkempt landfills, people throw everything there. When a flood wave comes, the water picks it all up and ends up staying at this location. Shame and catastrophe are mild words that could describe these pictures that we are looking at today. Years ago, we pointed out to this problem, but it seems to be in vain. There is a solution, which is to urgently remove and register all the landfills that exist along the riverbeds,” said Dejan Furtula, president of the Eco Center association from Visegrad.

It is also important to raise the awareness of citizens, because rivers are not garbage cans and everyone should know that before they throw bags, barrels or tires into Lim, Drina or any other river. This is how the water that these same people drink, the food that they eat, gets polluted. It is necessary for that information to reach their brains, so that next time they throw the waste in an appropriate place.

“I hope that the three countries will unite and find a solution, that with the help of the EU they will get some funds to take care of this. These sad pictures from the Drina flooded the European and world media, so we hope for a final reaction, and then some action that could lead to this issue being permanently resolved”, Ecological Association Eco Center from Višegrad concludes.

Source: b92.net

Video: bbc.com


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