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Those who supposed to protect the agreement, undermined it


 Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said that those who were supposed to protect the Dayton Agreement have undermined it since the beginning and that it has been damaged by interventions of the IC and the high representatives to BiH. Dodik said that the IC now wants Serbs to change the Dayton Agreement by their own decisions and to direct BiH to centralisation and a “state-nation” concept which is impossible since BiH does not have a single nation.

“They could not touch us for nine years since we adhered to the letter of the Dayton Agreement. Even before the IC started to implement it, it started to change it, so quickly after it was signed a principle of the spirit and not the letter of Dayton was promoted,” Dodik told Radio Republike Srpske and Radio Belgrade.

He said that it is less and less certain that BiH can survive, having in mind that not the letter of the Dayton Agreement was implemented, but added that despite the efforts to undermine it, the Agreement remained the key way of decision making.

“BiH lives exclusively because of the intervention of the IC and corrupt approach of promoting political elites which suit some great concepts, regardless of the fact that the world changed in the past 20 years. Europe looked promising these years, but today it does not look so and it cannot resolve any of its systemic problems,” Dodik said.

He said that sometimes he ignores pressures and added hat he is concerned the most about the “furiosity” of the West because of BiH’s failure.

“Now they want to succeed no matter what. This is why they created this situation in which they support political forces which suit them,” Dodik said.

He said that the Dayton Agreement was a compromise and a treaty which he respects, but does not think that this is the only international success of the Serbian politics since three national states were not created, which would resolve problems in these parts for good.

“BiH is compulsory, and not a conscious commitment. The Dayton Agreement from the beginning was a fraud offered to the Serbian national movement and the Serbian people. However, it brought several important things to Republika Srpska, primarily international verification,” Dodik said.

He noted that Republika Srpska was created before the armed conflict started in BiH and had all elements of statehood in accordance with international standards, and that the primary national goal of Serbs was to remain in Yugoslavia, and if it is not possible, then an independent state.

“But, the unilateral secession of Muslims and Croats in BiH and early recognition of this secession by the IC led to some new reality. The international conference in Dayton was the moment when Republika Srpska had already been constituted as an international factor,” Dodik said.

He said that other agreements preceded the Dayton Agreement, of which the Geneva Conference was crucial as it paved the basic elements of the Dayton Agreement and where Srpska verified its status of an international and legal subject, which it later did by way of the Dayton Agreement.

The Republika Srpska President said that participation of Alija Izetbegovic, as a representative of BiH at the signing of the Agreement, speaks that something else was the intention at that time.

“The intention was to preserve BiH and its continuity, which did not exist, and this was done only because great powers such as some EU member states and the US, before everyone else, recognised BiH and could not withdraw their recognition four years later,” Dodik said.

Source: SRNA


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