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Threats to Priest and Mostar Serbs


A priest of Blagaj near Mostar, Branimir Borovčanin, told SRNA that certain Haris Čustović threatened the Mostar Serbs who came to St Basil of Ostrog Church on Wednesday to attend the divine liturgy and traditional assembly to mark the Dormition of the Mother of God/Velika Gospojina.

Rezultat slika za branimir borovcanin sveštenik

One of the threatening messages posted by Ćustović on social networks below the announcement of marking of Dormition of the Mother of God in Blagaj reads: “It will do unless Muslims get harassed; after that, they may wonder whether to come there again. Muslims are harassed on Ramadan in Gacko, and you want to come here without problems? It will not do.”

He also sent threats to the priest Borovčanin via social networks, who said that he was worried and scared for his family after such activities, as it was the only Orthodox family in Blagaj.

“I am scared for my family because I do not know who he is. He is openly threatening. He says it is a democracy,” says priest Borovčanin.

He said that the Serbs from the surrounding Mostar settlements, who are mostly a minority in the places where they live, were also upset following these threats.

“People are upset after such comments. It looks like something is already going on. There is no place for such kind of verbal assaults. If he has a problem with someone, let him solve it where the problem exists,” Borovčanin says.

He added that the church in Blagaj has been repeatedly broken into in the last two months, but the investigation showed a drug addict broke and entered it to take money.

“After such comments, we are upset and I do not know what to expect,” Borovčanin says.

He noted that he would report the case to the police during the day in order for such threats to be sanctioned and the people to feel safe.

Incidents during religious rites in Mostar have not been reported in recent years.


Source: srna


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