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Three-day Celebrations in Bosnian Cities


Across the region, New Year’s Eve will be celebrated with public concerts and fireworks and more.

Visitors coming to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo will have a chance to enjoy three days of public music events in the centre of the city.

On 30 December, the youth philharmonic will hold a concert in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Sarajevo’s main pedestrian zone.

Zdravko Colic, a famous regional pop singer, will hold a concert on 31 December and organisers hope to break the record from last year, when 70,000 visitors welcomed in the New Year in the open air in Sarajevo.

On January 1, the party continues in Sarajevo with a concert by Crvena Jabuka, a rock/pop band well known from former Yugoslavia who have promised lot of fun in Sarajevo’s main Ferhadija street.

Banja Luka, the centre of Republika Srpska, will also organise three days of concerts featuring popular pop singers from Serbia. Music stars Sergej Cetkovic, Nikola Rokvic, Lukijan Ivanovic, “Lexington Band”, Toni Cetinski, Dzenan Loncarevic and Ivana Peters will most likely entertain the Banja Luka and guests for three-day concerts, which will be held during the New Year’s Eve.

On the Winter Olympic mountain of Jahorina, nearby Sarajevo, regional pop singer Zeljko Joksimovic will have a concert for all of those who want to enter 2018 on the mountain.


Source: TST/balkaninsight


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