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“Tigers” opanci conquer the world market


In recent months, the oldest and most famous “Tiger” product – rubber opanac – has returned to the big door as a fashion item.

It is of particular interest to the Japanese, and through that Asian country, opanac will get their customers in Europe and America.

The traditional rubber opanac, the so-called “piroćanac”, which has been produced in “Tiger” for eight and a half decades, has received its successors in various colors in recent years.

They are of superior quality and are made exclusively by hand for demanding markets from the Balkans to the Far East.

Tigar produces half a million each year, and the increase in demand has caused them to be made during the summer when it is not the season because opanac have regular customers and a large market. Cooperation with the Japanese, however, is a challenge and a new perspective for the Tigers.

“As far as Japanese interest was concerned, it was primarily about these different opanac colors and models for children. Our new opanac, which has been slightly modified since 1935, will be packaged in exclusive packaging and will carry a totally different value on the market. and will enter a new price segment, “notes Vladimir Ilic, CEO of Tigar AD.

Although they are conquering new markets, Tigar is struggling with old debts, and the UPPR process and the search for a possible privatization partner are ongoing. They are hoping for a good outcome, given that they have secured the job for the next two or three years.

Tenders have already been received for the production of special footwear for the Swedish and Finnish Army, and with their regular customers are preparing the production of new models.





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