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Time for mayor regional ties in tourism


Minister of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska Predrag Gluhakovic stated at a business conference “South East Europe Tourism – SEET2018” in Belgrade on Wednesday it is time for serious regional connections in the field of tourism.

“It is time to start joining forces and making regional products because the tourism market game is filled with uncertainties and if you are not ready today, you won’t be on the market tomorrow,” Gluhakovic stated at the opening of the event.

He said that tourism workers must therefore be connected regionally, pointing out that Republika Srpska achieved fantastic results in tourism.

“As a destination, Republika Srpska has all the beauties like other neighbouring countries – mountains, spas, rivers, clean environment and honourable and hard-working hosts, which we emphasise proudly wherever we go,” said the minister.

According to him, Republika Srpska made a step forward in organising the winter Exit on Mt Jahorina.

Gluhakovic noted it was the first Exit taking place in winter and announced the signing of a new protocol for this year.

The sponsor of the Business Conference is the Serbian Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and the event gathers more than 400 representatives of business tourism from South East Europe.

The conference will focus on indentifying new opportunities for increase in revenues from SEE tourism market and new forms of collaboration for positioning the region as integral tourism market.


Source: srna


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