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Tito’s Cave Continues to Be the Main Attraction of Drvar


The most famous place where Joseph Broz Tito hid from the enemy during World War II is the famous Tito’s Cave in Drvar. This section of the military museum is currently closed due to a landslide last year but will reopen to visitors on May 25.

Tito’s cave was one of the caves in which Joseph Broz Tito was located during the Second World War. It became most famous because of the Landing on Drvar, in 1944, when German forces attempted to capture Tito on May 25. The leader of the Yugoslav partisans then escaped.

After World War II, Tito’s Cave in Drvar became part of the Military Museum and was visited annually by about 20,000 tourists, both domestic and foreign. The cave by the cave was made for the needs of Tito and the staff members.

During the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cave and the hut itself were damaged. They were renovated in 2006, however, last year the slip closed the entrance to the cave.

It is planned that on May 25, on Tito’s birthday, the cave will be reopened for visitors.


Source: RTS


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