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Tito’s Granddaughter: There Is a Future, Some New Kids Will Emerge


All former Yugoslav societies are sick and victims of nationalists, but there is a cure: time will eliminate old politicians and and “some new kids” will emerge, the granddaughter of Josip Broz Tito, the revolutionary late President of Yugoslavia, told N1.

Svetlana Broz, a cardiologist, described nationalism as a virus that has killed thousands and that has made millions suffer because of the wars that were fought and because of the fear of wars that may come.

People in former Yugoslavia are victims of politicians “who belong to a group of unpunished and unconvicted war profiteers, war criminals and people who are involved in organised crime.”

“They make entire societies in the Balkans sick. They don’t actually care which ethnic group they belong to but are eager to convince others that it is important to belong to one,” she said.

“This is like a grave virus that can be fatal if we don’t defend ourselves and we must build an immune system,” Broz stressed.

She said she was optimistic and that, as a physician, “I will fight for life until the last breath I take.”

Yugoslavia was “killed in 1992,” and the new societies that have emerged are desperate while young people are leaving, she said.

“But there is a future. Time will leave those who are now in power behind. Some new kids will emerge,” she said.


Source: N1


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