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Today is St. Trifun


The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates today St. Trifun, who is widely celebrated as the patron saint of many trades and those who genuinely love nurturing Christian love.

The Church celebrates St. Trifun as a martyr for the Christian faith, not excluding its importance as the protector of conjugal love and faithfulness that are part of the Christian sermon.

According to Christian teaching, conjugal love is in the plane of love for God, which is best evidenced by the work of Christ’s great martyrs, including Saint Tryphon.

The liturgies in Orthodox temples, Orthodox homes, vineyards and inn guards mention the suffering of the saint Trifun, who died in Nikaia in the year 250 from the sword of Christ the Roman emperor Daki.

He was buried modestly in the village of Kampsada in Phrygia, where he was born.

The cult of St. Trifun is very developed in Serbian regions, and is famous for its winemakers, while innkeepers also consider it a patron.

The vineyards go to the vineyards on the day of St. Trifun, prune the vines and water the wines, in order to restore the vineyard’s diminished strength, after a long winter period, and to begin to bloom in the spring that is already approaching.

St. Trifun is celebrated by some Serbian families as a baptismal glory, and he is being asked to protect the fields from floods, the city and various pests.




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