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Today Is the Feast of the Holy Three Jerarchs


Today, the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Three Jerarchies, which is celebrated jointly in celebration of St. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom.

The feast arose in the 11th century during the byzantine emperor Alexey Komnin, after discussing which of these three saints was the greatest, which threatened serious division in the people and the Church.

The dispute was resolved for the benefit of the Church by answering these three saints to Bishop John of Euchit, saying to him, “We are one in God, as you see, and there is nothing contradictory in us, neither is there any of us first or second.”

The saints also advised Bishop John that he write to them a common ministry and set a common day of the feast.

The holy three Jerarchs are celebrated by the Serbs at theological faculties and academies, except Belgrade, which celebrates Saint Sava, and in Greece, this is a national and school holiday.




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