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Tomaš: Each investment and workplace are important


The mayor of Prnjavor Darko Tomaš has said yesterday that every new job and every investment, especially from a world-renowned manufacturer such as Germany’s Mubea, is of great importance for the local community and business environment.

In his SRNA statement, Tomaš said that BAM 33,500,000 of loan funds that the Komgrad Public Utility Company from Prnjavor intends to get for the construction of a multifunctional facility equal to the project cost of the facility, which will be leased to the Mubea Company for a 10 years period.

The annual rent will correspond to one tenth of the value of the building.

“It is also important that such a large investment does not damage the labour market in Prnjavor, nor will it threaten the work of existing domestic investors, on the contrary, it will have a significant positive impact on the further economic development of the city, thus of Republika Srpska,” explained Tomaš.

The Mubea Company, which represents the manufacturer of automobile parts, plans to open a plant with 800 jobs in the Business Zone of Vijak, Prnjavor, whose average salary will be at least 15 percent higher than the average salary in Republika Srpska.

At yesterday’s session, the Republika Srpska Government accepted the Information providing a guarantee for BAM 33,500,000 loan to the Komgrad Public Utility Company from Prnjavor.

Source: srna.rs


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