Home Entertainment Tonight’s Meteor Shower – A Sky Spectacle (VIDEO)

Tonight’s Meteor Shower – A Sky Spectacle (VIDEO)


The celestial occurrence “Quadrantids” or a large meteor shower awaits Earth tonight. 60 meteors per hour is expected to be visible in this decade’s first space spectacle.
This phenomenon occurs once a year in late December and early January.

This year’s shower will be the most visible on Friday night, the 3rd January, but also before dawn on Saturday, the 4th January.

According to the International Meteor Organisation, the meteor shower will be best seen around 8 pm on Friday, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

“It’s best to find a location away from city lights and other light sources”, said the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Unlike other astronomical phenomena, you do not need special equipment to observe this celestial phenomenon.

”Meteors can be seen in all parts of the sky, so it’s good to look at them from an open space that offers a good view of the sky”, the observatory stated.




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