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Top 10 locations you must visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dron.ba for news network N1 is bringing its top 10 picks of the most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The top 10 locations are: 

  1. Kravica waterfall, 10 kilometres south of Ljubuški
  2. Lukomir – the last true Bosnian village, about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo
  3. Tajan Nature Park, near Zavidovići
  4. Šujica, a village in the municipality of Tomislavgrad
  5. Monument to the Revolution – a World War II memorial sculpture, located at Mrakovica, one of the highest peaks of Kozara mountain
  6. Blagaj Fortress, locally known as Stjepan grad, is a town-fortress complex near the town of Blagaj
  7. Ramsko lake – an artificial lake (reservoir), located in municipality of Prozor-Rama
  8. The Bliha Falls – called by locals Blihin Skok (English: Bliha’s Jump), is a waterfall on the Bliha river located near Fajtovci 14 kilometers west of Sanski Most
  9.  Srebrenik Fortress, a fortress located near the town of Srebrenik in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Waterfalls Kozice – several waterfalls near Kozica and Dragačići, north of Fojnica




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