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Top Business News and Events of the past Week


How much did the export from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)increase, who announced the opening of a business facility in Bileca, will Ryanair fly from Tuzla…

Find the answers to these questions below in the regular weekly review of the most important business news and events in BiH…

The opening of a factory in Bileca has been announced, a job for 200 workers

The Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republika Srpska (RS), Vjekoslav Petricevic, announced that a factory of the company “Jumko” from Vranje should be opened in Bileca, which would create between 100 and 200 jobs.

After the meeting with the president of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Dusko Pantovic, and businessmen from Trebinje, Petricevic stated that there is goodwill for this from the company “Jumko”, as well as the relevant ministry.

In half a year, furniture exports amounted to 606 million BAM

Businessmen from BiH in the first half of this year exported furniture worth 606 million BAM. This is one of the most successful industries in BiH.

The highest value of exports of furniture, bedding, mattresses, etc. was to Germany, in the amount of 172 million marks, followed by Croatia, where we exported these products worth 73 million BAM.

Ryanair will not fly from Tuzla, ticket sales have been abolished

The Tuzla Canton government refused this week to sign a contract with Ryanair by which this low-cost airline would start flights to BiH’s second busiest airport from next month.

The airline has previously started selling tickets for flights from Weeze and Baden Baden to Tuzla. Also, it was planned that the company, after the planned signing of the contract, would discover series of new destinations, among which were initially London Stansted and Memmingen, and later Stockholm and Malta.

However, it took two months for the cantonal government to inform Ryanair that it would not sign an agreement similar to the one the airline had made with local authorities in Banja Luka from which it is currently flying.

Exports from BiH increased by 31 percent in half a year

In the first half of this year, exports from BiH amounted to 6 billion and 489 million BAM, which is 31.1 percent more than in the same period last year.

At the same time, imports amounted to 9 billion and 613 million BAM, which is 19.8 percent more than in the same first half of the past year. The coverage of imports by exports amounted to 67.5 percent, while the foreign trade deficit amounted to 3 billion and 124 million BAM, Biznis Info writes.


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