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Topić: We Avoided the “Italian Scenario”, but Caution Is Still on the Maximum


We did not experience the Italian scenario, that the infected lay on the floors of the hospital or in front of it, and we had all the timely moves to keep our patients from staying on the street, said Dr. Goran Topić, Assistant General Director for Medical Affairs of the UCC of the Republic of Srpska.

– As of yesterday, 362 patients were hospitalized in the Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska. We take care of severe and moderately severe clinical pictures, out of that number, 209 patients are on oxygen support, and 44 are in a serious condition and are on respirators – Topić emphasizes.

He pointed out that the Clinical Center can adequately respond to the pandemic.

– We have over 50 respirators ready at the Clinical Center. But it must be known that we cannot accommodate the entire Republic of Srpska if this trend of growing patients continues. Other clinical centers and hospitals throughout Srpska must equally bear the entire burden of the pandemic – Topić explained.

He also explained how difficult it is to deal with all the problems caused by the coronary virus pandemic on a daily basis.

– The pandemic has been going on for almost a year, we meet these people every day. You know what it’s like when you only follow the media, you would get bored, not to mention, when you wear a protective suit every day, and on the other hand, you think about your family, your closest ones. Holidays are coming, we are used to family gatherings, but we have to think that everything will pass, and then in 15 days we will have problems. Do not gather, so that in 40 days you will not gather on a sad occasion. Don’t let us take someone off the respirator, to put someone else, who has a better chance of surviving because the one we take off is someone’s father, mother, brother, son … – said Topić.

The Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Srpska announced the tightening of measures for the upcoming New Year’s holidays.

– Additional measures primarily refer to December 31 and January 1. If asked, health workers would lock everything up in 14 days for the numbers to fall, but of course, life can’t and shouldn’t stop. The tightening of measures is visible throughout Europe, and it will certainly help to overcome this situation – concluded Goran Topić.




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