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Toplik: In harmony with nature! (PHOTO)


The story about “Toplik” began in 1997., when we initiated construction of the fish pond. Everything started from the source of potable water, in the vicinity of the facility, whose quality deserves especial attention. This is high-quality water with an invariable quantity, quality and temperature throughout a year, which directly affects the fish quality.

In harmony with nature.

We offer you amazing ambient & specialities of traditional kitchen.

The fishpond has a small capacity but it includes all phases of the production process-from the production of juvenile fish to the intake fish. We breed three species of trout: California trout (Salma geirdneri), brook trout (Salvelinus fontianlis) and local rainbow trout (Salma trutta).

The fish farm and supporting infrastructure had been built in stages, consistent with financial situation, until 2002 when we built a small cottage with covered terrace. This is when our first experience with catering began, at first timidly, now more confidently. The cottage/terrace turned into a grand restaurant, in terms of size, quality of offer and good standing.

Great part of the overall menu comes from our own resource and it falls under a category of homemade food. Our goals to stimulate domestic production and offer a wide range of healthy products which are the guaranty of prosperity of this region and country as a whole. “Toplik” is known for for the offer of the season homemade food. You cannot imagine the joy of our guests when a as a side dish they get authentic homemade “aivar” or “lukmira” with the fresh spring onion just picked from the garden. At the same time, we are merging traditional and international, so in our menu you will find a homemade maize porridge but also a first-rate beefsteak; you can relax listening to the soft sounds of blues, but you can also sing along with the traditional folk music. In summer, you will find pleasant shade by the brook, while during winter you can enjoy warm and cozy atmosphere by the fire place. Natural surrounding, homemade food and pleasant atmosphere make this place ideal for leisure and relaxation.

“Toplik” is an ongoing process, and we hope that with your suggestions and criticism you will help us improve “Toplik” and make it all the more pleasant. After eight years of work we can proudly say that we have hosted people from all the continents, I hope, justified the confidence you have been giving us. The fish far,, the restaurant, and the overall image that “Toplik” holds today wouldn’t be the same without contribution of all the members of our family, our friend and excellent architect Ivana Savic Stanisavljević, our dear friends, and our loyal guests, who instilled plenty of love in this place. And this is where the magic of “toplik” lays. We wish to thank all the people who have in any way helped and are helping realisation of the idea “Toplik”, and we promise to try to uphold the confidence you have given us. We look forward to seeing you and making news acquaintances and friendships for many years to come.

Vegetables from our own production!

We try to represent seasonal vegetables and seasonal salads in our restaurant.




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