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Tora the dog providing enormous help during search


Tora – the search dog of the Mountain Rescue Service Banjaluka, is providing enormous help to the rescue team of the Republika Srpska Civil Protection Administration during their humane mission in Turkey, member of the rescue team, trainer and guide of the search dog Aleksandar Naumović told SRNA.

“People are delighted with her. A dog that locates people and helps them attracts attention. She is just like that – tame and charismatic. We were looked for searching certain sites. Our dog is searching for both, the living and the dead. Because of this multifunctionality, we were asked to go to certain sites. They were satisfied with the work. The dog showed her quality,” emphasized Naumović.

Naumović pointed out that Tora significantly shortens the precious search time by helping to locate potential sites in the ruins where the victims are.

“Tora is of great help. That twenty-kilo dog is substituting thirty people during the search. Its nose has a 90 percent chance of finding something in the ruins, while a human has a thirty percent,” pointed out Naumović, talking about the process of searching in the ruins.

He explained that Tora can move quickly through the ruins, crawl into a small space, and thus provide enormous assistance in the search.

“The purpose of the dog’s work is reconnaissance and the search for the victims. When you enter the area affected by the disaster, the dog is sent and he gives us the micro location where the victim could be. Then we focus on excavating the visctim,” said Naumović.

He added that due to her efficiency and value, Tora attracts attention in all sites where the rescues are carried out, which is why it received praise from the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority /AFAD/.

Members of the Rescue Team of the Republika Srpska Civil Protection yesterday saved the life of a girl whom they plucked from the ruins in Kahramanmaras, where was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6.


Source: srna.rs


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