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Tour de France is coming to Banja Luka

tour de france

Banja Luka could be host to one of the largest bicycle races in the world, Tour de France. The largest city in Srpska has good references, a tradition in the organization of races and with the creation of the necessary conditions, in a year or two, Banja Luka could host this prestigious bike race, said cyclist Vladimir Kuvalja.

He recently attended a meeting held at the French Embassy of B&H where the plan for the arrival of the Tour de France in Banja Luka was discussed. Kuvalja said that negotiations with Serbia and Croatia are currently taking place, adding that Banja Luka is on the right track to becoming a host with the help of the countries in the region.

Banja Luka has a place in the world of cycling and it is up to us to maintain it, said Kuvalja adding that the Director of the third largest sporting event in the world, Christian Prudhomme, visited Banja Luka, which is his first official visit to a former Yugoslavian nation.


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