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Trade in goods with Serbia facilitated


The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska has succeeded in facilitating the passage of goods across the border, which was blocked due to the declaration of a state of emergency in Serbia, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

“Until yesterday, entry into Serbia was a serious problem, but thanks to excellent cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Republic of Srpska Chamber of Commerce has been able to find a way to let goods cross the border with Serbia,” said Srpska Chamber of Commerce spokesman Vladimir Blagojević.

According to him, different information regarding the transport of goods across borders, that is, transit countries, still comes from the transport companies.

“Although no country has made a decision to ban the movement of goods, they still go through one another and others cannot. There is different information coming from the field, ” Blagojević said.

He reminded that transport companies from Srpska also have a problem with the lack of drivers who have not been in the territory where the situation regarding the coronary virus has escalated for the past 14 days.

“Drivers who came from an area where the coronavirus situation has escalated in isolation and are unable to drive. The problem with driver shortages was present even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, and now fear has crept in among drivers who are not ready to drive to these territories and especially to Italy, ” said Blagojević.

He said that the Srpska economy is also facing a new threat because companies are forced to reduce production and therefore the number of workers.

“The reason for this, besides transportation problems, is the closure of companies in other countries for which our companies work as subcontractors. We have information that, except in Italy, there is a closure of businesses in Austria and Germany that will not operate until after Catholic Easter, that is, half of April. That is why they reduce orders from our companies and this further complicates the situation in the Republic of Srpska economy, ” Blagojević emphasized.




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