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Training of Students on Handling Earthquake in Zvornik


Representatives of the city Civil Protection Service and the Zvornik Professional Fire Unit organized today a lecture and training of students on how to act in the event of an earthquake at the Petar Kočić Secondary School in Zvornik.

Zvornik City Civil Protection Service spokesman Dejan Galic said children need to know how to behave before, during and after an earthquake, to avoid chaos.

“We talked about it through a movie with a demonstration exercise and presentation. Our desire is for students who attend the class to share their knowledge with friends, parents and acquaintances, “said Galić.

He noted that the lectures were “How to deal with an earthquake” implemented according to the instructions of the Republic Civil Protection Administration.

Sasa Ilic, a representative of the Zvornik City Fire Department, said that the training would be attended by members of the Student Council, students from several departments, and employees of the Petar Kocic High School Center.

“We have been witnessing lately that there are often earthquakes that cannot be predicted or affected. Given that there are many students at each school, it is important that, in the event of an earthquake, there is no panic and that both students and employees know how to behave, “Ilic said.

He said that there will be a lecture tomorrow at the Technical School Center and then at primary schools.

The principal of the Petar Kocic High School Center Zvornik Biljana Pisic said that the lecture that most students and teachers will go through is very instructive.

The lecture, which will be held in all other Zvornik schools, was initiated by the Petar Kočić Secondary School Center.




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