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Trebinje creating “an Image of the most desirable small Town in the Western Balkans”


With the adopted draft Strategy for the development of the town of Trebinje 2018 – 2027, with which was defined the realization of strategic goals in the fields of economy, social development and environmental protection until the end of the third decade of the 21st century, Trebinje is creating the “Image of the most desirable small town in the area of Western Balkans”.

The economic strategic goal refers to attracting investments and increasing employment rate in the field of economy, especially in the processing industry, current strategic branches including agriculture and tourism, as well as creative industry in the future.

The city of Trebinje, which is located on the borders, has great advantages for successful development. It is relatively close to ports, railway stations, airports and famous tourist destinations, and it represents one of the most attractive locations in the Western Balkans for a healthy life and relaxation by its natural and geographical characteristics.

“Currently, the largest investment in the construction is the City of the Sun. It is a tourist complex located in Drazinska gora, in the wider urban zone of Trebinje. The investor,” Swisslion Takovo “will build an aqua park “Sunny Springs”, an indoor swimming pool, a sports hall, an outdoor sports fields, hotels for tourists, hotel for athletes, Varos carsija, a shopping center, as well as special healthcare facilities,” as stated in the Strategy.

The construction of contents is planned in the economic zone Novo Trebinje, at the west entrance to the town, between the roads from Mostar and Dubrovnik. The construction of a golf course is planned in the southern part of the business zone, next to the road to Dubrovnik, with 18 holes per 30 ha, an apartment complex and various catering facilities. In the northern part, next to the road to Mostar, is planned the construction of a casino on a total area of 70 ha.

When it comes to the eastern part of the city, the process of drafting the zoning plan of the business zone “Aleksin bumbar – Podgljivlje” is currently taking place. The business zone is following the space around the planned eastern bypass. The coverage of the zoning plan is 250 ha and the town owns 200 ha, i.e. about 80 %.




Source: sarajevotimes


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