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Trebinje Is Among the 10 Best Cities in the World to Live in Retirement


Reputable German portal “Fokus” has included Trebinje on the list of the top 10 world cities for living in retirement.

Evaluating several parameters, the portal recommends Trebinje to its compatriots of the third age, as the second-best choice.

Pleasant climate, beauties of the city, preserved nature, healthy food, and affordable prices, are just some of the reasons that have placed Trebinje at the very top of the world’s top list of the best cities to live in after the ’60s, according to the German portal.

The Germans, precisely, mathematically, evaluated the parameters that affect the quality of life, and out of a maximum of 100 points in that “test”, Trebinje was given 80.8 points and a high second place.

“This is not a coincidence if we take into account the criteria for the third age because we have an excellent climate, location, good transport connections, affordable cost in relation to their pensions, healthy food, drinks, preserved nature. All this was taken into account. Below us other cities from Turkey, India, Brazil … Croatian Osijek is on the 10th place “, said Žarko Vico, an expert associate of the Tourist Organization of Trebinje.




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