Dragomir Andjelkovic, an analyst, is of the opinion that the local elections in BiH had a symbolic dimension, noting that the Serbs in Republika Srpska have recognised Milorad Dodik’s politics as a defence policy and the protection of Serbs’ national interest; on the other hand, the Muslims in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ did not support the aggressive politics of the SDA and sent a message that they did not want a confrontation with the Serbs.

Andjelkovic told SRNA that the local elections showed that Milorad Dodik’s SNSD has triumphed, i.e. the coalition gathered around this party, while the SDA has suffered a serious defeat, and lost legitimacy for the politics it practices.

According to him, yesterday’s elections are seriously beyond the local level and had the symbolic dimension after all that has happened in recent weeks.

“The elections were a certain kind of voicing the people’s opinion on the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In recent weeks, we have witnessed Republika Srpska defending itself, while some Muslim extremists were raising tensions for which they lack the support of the majority of Muslims, the common people,” says Andjelkovic.

He points out that the unity among the Serbs is evident when it comes to the election results in Srebrenica, which was the result of pressure on Srpska.

“Serbs want peace, but if someone is putting a pressure, the people will uniquely react in order to defend Republika Srpska. This is a message to both the International Community and Sarajevo,” said Andjelkovic.

He has said that the ruling SNSD has achieved a serious victory in Banjaluka in the local elections, while the Alliance for Change has been defeated because the citizens punished it for collaboration with SDA and Muslim extremism in Sarajevo.

Andjelkovic believes that the SDS, if this continues, will not have a future, and that the only way to consolidate is to return to the former position, which is a unique position of the Serb parties that work together in Sarajevo in the interest of Srpska.

He points out that after all, the message is that citizens want a united position of Republika Srpska.

“These elections are a triumph of Srpska and that the citizens stand by it tooth and nail. Republika Srpska is a reality that will never go away,” said Andjelkovic.

Source: Srna


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