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Trivić: Schools Cannot Take Children to Restaurants


The Republic of Srpska Minister of Education and Culture Natalija Trivić said that elementary school as an institution cannot organize small graduation in catering establishments.

– Parents can independently organize a celebration for their children and out of school. That is their goodwill, and as far as the organized celebration in schools is concerned, we have defined it by legal provisions – said Trivić, visiting the Morning Program of the RTRS.

She stressed that schools cannot take minors to catering establishments so students can celebrate small graduation after graduating from ninth grade because there is grand graduation for that.

– This will prevent students from using alcohol and tobacco – said Natalija Trivić.

She recalled that last year the amendments to the Basic Education Act, which defined the celebration of small graduation, were adopted.

– It is defined that the celebration takes place after the end of the ninth grade in the school premises or if they do not have enough space in the facilities of cultural, youth and sports institutions – said Trivić.




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