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Trivic: Students to Achieve Knowledge Applicable in Life


Republika Srpska Minister of Education and Culture Natalija Trivic said that the essence of education reform in Srpska would be for students to gain life-long knowledge, and that the school should direct them to be researchers of what they are learning and active participants in teaching.

Trivic said that the education system in Srpska was based on reproductive knowledge and teaching, as well as inadequate curricula with inadequate textbooks, which is why reform is necessary.

“The class should be interactive and that the students are involved in the class, not just listening,” Trivic told Voice of Srpska.

According to her, the development and improvement of education will be based on curriculum innovation and digitization of content used in the teaching process and how digital content will be developed, and teacher training for their implementation will be paralleled.

“This does not mean that we will not have textbooks
facilitate student bags. One of the priorities is to create a stimulating environment in schools and to train staff to apply innovative educational methods. It is necessary to increase the reach of children through pre-school education and to strengthen the partnership between school and family, “Trivic said.

Speaking about the introduction of computers and modern equipment in schools, she said that there are 847 e-classrooms in 187 elementary schools and that in 2020 another 500 digital classrooms will be funded by the Government of Serbia.

She added that high schools will also be equipped with digital classrooms and will receive STEM classrooms through projects with international organizations.

“About 3,000 teachers have undergone e-classroom management training and about 300 advanced training for e-classroom administrators. Staff training is also a strategic commitment of the Ministry because it costs us machines if we do not have the staff to use them,” she said. Trivic.

She emphasized that curricula for new occupations are being developed in Srpska in accordance with the needs of the economy, and in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Employers’ Associations and the Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship, the company has provided internships for students of 14 secondary vocational and technical schools.

When it comes to the dual education system, she stated that the experimental application of the curricula for the professions of carpenter and shoemaker is ending this school year and that of welders, the following year.

“The goal is to improve the quality of vocational secondary education and to prepare students for the needs of the labor market and employment. We are also doing a vocational audit to see what professions are needed. They focus on three industries – the metal, wood processing and textile industries,” Trivic explained.

She says that Serbia is the leader in the region when it comes to inclusive teaching, and emphasizes that much is being done to ensure that all students with disabilities are provided with full development in accordance with their abilities.

Trivic said that one of the measures that will advance this area is the establishment of resource centers to serve as support for schools.




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