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Trivić: We are preparing for classes in school


The Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, Natalija Trivić, stated that preparations are underway for classes that will begin in school in the Republic of Srpska on September 1, but that the Ministry will follow the recommendations and measures of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Institute of Public Health.

According to her, the most important thing is that the organization of teaching be the best model that will satisfy both the educational and health component in education in the conditions imposed by the coronavirus.

– We will look for the best solution in accordance with what will be dictated by the epidemiological situation. By the end of July, we will certainly define clear guidelines for the teaching process in the new school year, as well as measures for protection against the coronavirus in educational institutions – Trivić told Euroblic.

She reminded that the Ministry, in cooperation with the Republic Pedagogical Institute, RTRS, and 410 educators, in a very short period of time ensured the smooth running of the educational process during the pandemic.

– Distance learning has been realized very successfully, on which I congratulate all educators, students, and their parents. The good side of distance learning is that new and useful experiences have been gained in the use of all available digital tools and that communication and the relationship between students and teachers have been significantly improved – said Trivić.

She emphasized that from the next school year, she will encourage the development of trust and maintaining the achieved level of communication between students and teachers even after holding regular classes in classrooms.

– If a student needs additional support and clarification, teachers should be available even after regular classes – Trivić pointed out.




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