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Trump: If We Don’t Sign the Agreement, I’ll Make the World’s Strongest Nuclear Weapons


In the event that no arms control agreement is signed with Russia, the US will create the “most powerful” nuclear weapon in the world, said US President Donald Trump.

– Currently, Russia and China want to negotiate with us at the same time to stop the mindless spending of billions and billions of dollars on nuclear weapons. However, until we have such an agreement, the only thing I can do is create the most powerful nuclear power in the world – he said.

Earlier, Trump had stated that Washington had “superfast missiles” to oppose Russia.

According to him, America needs “superfast missiles” because Moscow already possesses such weapons. He also noted that the Russian side was able to obtain information on appropriate technologies from previous US leadership.

Recall that the Non-Proliferation Treaty (START-3) expires on February 5, 2021. While there is still no concrete agreement on when negotiations could begin, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brian announced that Washington could do so “soon.”




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