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Trump: Religion is central to “American life and freedom”


American President Donald Trump published this evening on his Twitter a video from the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, where Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic is also seen.

Trump said at the National Prayer Breakfast that religion is central to “American life and freedom.”
In a 15-minute address at this annual meeting of officials from other states, US politicians, diplomats, religious leaders, Trump pointed out that America’s founders invoked “our creator” in the Declaration of Independence, and that it is written on American currency “ in God we trust.”

He has said that rights enjoyed by all Americans are not “given by a man” but that our rights “are given by our creator.”

“Whatever happens, no earthly force can seize these rights from us,” Trump said at the 66th National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton Hotel, a traditional gathering where guests exchange friendly messages through a prayer.

He also said that he sees “God’s love” in Americans, particularly during the response to recent hurricanes and mass armed attacks. “We all can be heroes for all,” Trump said.

The National Prayer Breakfast is a tradition old more than six decades. Every year, on the first Thursday of February, the US President, members of the US Congress, American politicians and military leaders, and renowned guests from some 100 countries gather in a joint prayer.


Source: srna


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