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Trump spoke after the shocking decision: “I will never allow them to do that”


After the court in Colorado made a historic decision, that Donald Trump cannot run in the US presidential elections, he addressed the public.

Just to recall, the former US President was accused of inciting riots in the US Capitol building in an attempt to overturn the result after he lost the 2020 US election, which is why the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that he cannot run in the next presidential election.

The Trump campaign said the Colorado ruling was “wrong” and would appeal to the US Supreme Court.

After this unusual decision, Trump himself spoke, who told his gathered supporters that such a court decision was not directed against him but against the American people, who will not remain silent.

“When these radical democrats get together and make a decision against me, thank them very much, said Trump”, followed by applause.

“The enemy wants to take my freedom because they want to take your freedom. I will never allow them to do that. They want to silence me because I will never allow you to be silenced, and in the end, they didn’t come after me, they came after you and I\’m just standing in their way and I will always stand in their way,” Trump said.


Source: b92.net

Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP/NTB 


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