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Trump’s Associate Jelena Mcwilliams Brings the Financial Package of the Century to the Balkans


US President Donald Trump’s associate, Serbian Jelena McWilliams, has come to Belgrade to help realize a comprehensive $ 10 billion plan for the Balkans, the Serbian Telegraph writes.

McWilliams, who was born Jelena Obrenic, who is the president of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and whom Trump trusts, will prepare the ground for new US investments during his stay in Serbia, the paper said.

“Jelena is a charismatic politician who works in finance in the vast US administration. She has come to all positions throughout her enviable career solely through hard work and dedication, so Trump recognized this and proposed 2018 for the post,” a source said.

McWilliams has been in Serbia for several days, and his advantage is that he understands the problems of the Serbian people.

The interlocutor says that McWilliams is one of the key people in the economic package and that it has the advantage of being rooted in our area and understanding the problems of the Serbian people, and most importantly, that the president has unreserved confidence in it. as he runs one of the most important financial institutions in the US.

Since coming to power, Trump has remained attached to the idea of ​​providing more space for Serbs to make a major breakthrough in US investment, a source said.

In addition to McWilliams, Trump has also appointed New Yorker John Jovanovic to forge strong ties with Serbia, the newspaper said, adding that he holds a high position in the Mercuria energy group, with $ 104 billion in annual revenue.

According to ST, the goal is to close all open issues in the Balkans with Trump’s economic and political package, which also includes the partition of Kosovo, solving problems in BiH and Northern Macedonia.


Source: Nezavisne novine


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