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Trump’s Middle East Plan Favors Israel


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced his peace plan between Israel and Palestine and promised new hope for the region, although Palestinians rejected the plan by describing it as biased, AFP reports.

Standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House, Trump said his plan could succeed where decades of US efforts to mediate a solution to the problem have not.

Trump praised Israel for accepting the plan, which provides a vision for the future of Palestinian statehood if a number of strict conditions are met, including for the future state to be demilitarized.

The US president also proposed a $ 50 billion investment that would raise the standard of Palestinian residents.

Palestinians reject the plan, stating that the plan formalizes Israeli occupation of their territory.

Trump’s plan makes it clear that Israeli settlements in the West Bank remain, and that Israel has the right to annex them.

Under the plan, Israel would also retain control of occupied Jerusalem, while Palestinians would be allowed to declare a capital within the occupied part of eastern Jerusalem.


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