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Trump’s Speech on the State of the Nation: America’s Enemies Are on the Run


US President Donald Trump delivered a regular annual speech last night on the state of the nation. Although he was expected to speak about the Democrats’ attempt to oust him, the president gave a pre-election speech highlighting his administration’s past results and future plans.

For most of the speech, which lasted for more than an hour and was often interrupted by applause from Republicans, the US president devoted the results of his administration, which he says is the best in modern American history.

The enemies of America are on the run, the wealth of Americans is on the rise and the future is extremely bright. The years of economic devastation are over, ”Trump noted.

In just three short years, he says, he has shattered the mentality of America’s decline and “rejected the idea of ​​diminishing our destiny”: “We are moving forward at a pace that was unthinkable just a short time ago and we will never go back.”

One of the biggest problems facing the United States is Trump citing health insurance reform, blaming previous government and Democrats in Congress.

“There are those who want to deprive you of your health care, to deprive you of your doctors and to abolish private health insurance altogether,” Trump said in his speech.

According to him, 132 lawmakers proposed a bill that would impose a “socialist takeover of the American health care system.”

“To all of you who are looking at this, I want to say that we will never allow socialism to destroy healthcare in America,” Trump added.

President Trump has devoted little time to foreign policy, stressing that the United States wants to end the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and return its troops home, while declaring that Iran will never develop nuclear weapons and that it is necessary to suspend terrorist financing.

He also boasted of recent economic agreements with China, Mexico and Canada, pointing out that American workers were given a better opportunity and that America was in a fair position.

However, in the shadow of the speech, two details remained one at the beginning and the other at the very end of the presentation. When he entered the hall when delivering a copy of his speech to Vice President Mike Pence and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President rejected Pelosi’s outstretched hand while tearing that copy out before everyone.

Analysts interpret this as an indication of the deepest political divide in the last four decades.

The speech itself is rated as an extreme party and pre-election, but this does not worry President Trump at this point, given that his support among voters is 49 percent, the highest since he entered the White House.




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