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Turn ideas into business results


Despite data that in B&H only 0.02 percent of gross domestic product is allocated for research and development, innovators in RS are still turning certain ideas into serious business, creating profit and jobs.

Wind turbines, vacuum presses, waterproof sticks for kindling fire and mounts for LCD TVs are only some of the products made by domestic innovators and exported to Europe and to the rest of the world.

The company Wischt from Doboj, owned by Zvjezdan Vist, a multiple award-winning innovator, exports its vacuum press to distant India. The patenting process was complete by 2011 and since then this company had marketed approximately 160 machines.

Vist explained that the biggest problem is caused by incentives on export, namely his company meets all the criteria but the rules are constantly changing and they are one of a few that export a hundred-percent domestic product.

Apart from vacuum press, Vladimir Brankovic from Banjaluka invented “Flamesticks” which now burn in 40 countries worldwide.

The success of his product lies in its simplicity and wide use.

While there are many positive examples, the Srpska Association of Inventors says that innovativeness is still not perceived as a serious potential for economic development and this is because innovators as individuals have a struggle in realizing their ideas due to underdeveloped infrastructure. Hence what is needed is a more serious approach towards innovators and the development of prerequisites for the flourishing of innovations.


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