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Two Cases of Corona Virus in Srpska


The Republic of Srpska’s Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranić said two cases of coronavirus were registered in Srpska.

He confirmed that the first person who was infected with the coronavirus is a man from Banjaluka, currently working in Italy.

After testing, the other person who was found to be infected by the virus is his child, while his wife was negative for testing.

The minister added that all persons in contact with the infected person were being sought and that the ministry was following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The boy is a student of “Branko Ćopić” elementary school and this school will not work for two days.

– Currently, UCC has the equipment needed for this case, – he said.

Šeranić stressed that UCC currently has a professional background and that this was expected as many people from this area work in Italy.

He emphasized that the degree of cure in coronary virus-infected is very high.

– We can expect more cases – said Šeranić, adding that there is no need to panic.

The point is that adequate measures must be taken.

The Director of the UCC of the Republic of Srpska, Vlado Đajić, emphasized that it is very important that the UCC has the capacity to react to such cases.

– One room for severe patients is provided if this occurs – Đajić said.





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