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Two Elementary Schools from Serbia and Republika Srpska Signed a Charter of Co-Operation


Two schools with the highest number of students in Serbia and Srpska – Banja Luka Elementary School “Branko Radicevic” and Nikola Tesla Elementary School in Vinca near Belgrade, signed today in Banja Luka a Charter on cooperation and twinning, with the aim of building a stronger connection between schools and students and teachers.

The charter was signed by Acting Principal of Banja Luka School Natasa Zrnic and Director of the Elementary School from Vinca Dragoljub Gacic, in the presence of adviser to the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska Branka Topic Pavkovic and Head of the Department for Elementary Education Gordana Dukic.

– The Charter will contribute to strengthening the fraternal relationship of Serbs living on both sides of the Drina River – Pavkovic said.

Pavkovic emphasized that the Charter is a way to connect schools, strengthen their cooperation in improving the teaching process and the future exchange of teachers and students.

– The Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska gives full support to this kind of strengthening of school connections, as well as all other activities that lead to the improvement of the quality of education – said Pavkovic.

She stressed that the primary goal of twinning schools is to encourage educational and teaching cooperation between schools in Republika Srpska and Serbia.

Zrnic expressed her satisfaction with the twinning of the two largest schools in the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, noting that 1,814 students attend this Banja Luka school and 2,400 pupils at Nikola Tesla Primary School in Vinca.

She stressed that the goal of signing the Charter is to improve co-operation and relations between the two schools, to strengthen relations between Republika Srpska and Serbia, and to preserve the common historical and cultural values ​​of the Serbian people.

– This is one of the ways for students to realize the value of unity of the Serbian people – Zrnic said.

Gacic expressed satisfaction with the signing of the Charter and the opportunity to improve the cooperation of the two schools, which will further strengthen the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republika Srpska, who initiated it.

He said that the two-day visit to Banja Luka will be used by teachers and students of the Vinca School as an introduction to an upcoming, long-lasting collaboration.

As part of the ceremony of signing the Charter for Cooperation on the twinning of the two schools, an appropriate artistic program was prepared, prepared by the hosts – students and teachers of Branko Radicevic Elementary School.


Source: RTRS


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