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Two Million Euros worth Project to begin on the Majevica Mountain


The investment worth several million BAM is about to begin on the Majevica Mountain in Lopare, which will be started by Svetozar Ostojic, an investor from Bijeljina, who is building a tourist complex at the Busija site, which could be an impulse for the development of the entire region.

Ostojic disclosed his idea to the public last year, after which he set out to resolve problems of property and legal nature and he added that the first phase involves the construction of a 20-room motel and a 500-seat restaurant, as well as several bungalows. Sports grounds, ski slopes, paths for walkers and cyclists will also be built. The environment will be beautified with several artificial lakes.

According to him, this part of the work will require three to four million BAM.

Ostojic added that local food produced on the mountain will be served to quests and there will be a market where visitors can buy local cheese and milk, as well as other products that will be exhibited by farmers from area.

Parallel to the site work, one of the biggest challenges will be to build a quality road about five kilometers long.

City of Bijeljina recognized the potential of this project, and the City Assembly recently decided to co-finance the construction of the 100,000 BAM road, Biznis Info reports.


Source: sarajevotimes


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