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U.S. Embassy Press Statement on Constitutional Court Decision


We call on all the parties to respect decision of the BiH Constitutional Court. The authority of the Court is clearly defined in Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Agreement which gives jurisdiction to the Court to resolve disputes between levels of the government.

We urge the leadership of the Republika Srpska to refrain from holding a referendum that would directly violate the decision of the court. Failure to respect the court’s decision would undermine rule of law, leads the RS to isolation and uncertainty and directly challenge the State level judiciary. Such policies do not serve the interests of BiH citizens, including citizens of the RS, as they face numerous social and economic challenges.

Moving forward with the referendum in defiance of the Constitutional Court is a threat to the rule of law and thus a threat to the stability, security and prosperity of the country.

The Dayton Peace Agreement is an international peace treaty that cannot be challenged without consequences. The United States and the international community have invested heavily in bringing peace, stability and prosperity to BiH. We will not accept attempts to obstruct implementation of the DPA or weaken BiH institutions.

The Unites States notes that the Ambassadors of the Peace Implementation Council, at the Steering Board held on 30 August, reaffirmed their support for the Dayton Peace Agreement and their unequivocal commitment to the territorial integrity and fundamental structure of BiH as a single, sovereign state comprised of two entities, which have no right to secede. They clearly stated that they would not tolerate any violation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace, including but not limited to attempts at secession. We firmly stand behind those statements.


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