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UCC of Srpska: Complex Procedure of Removing the Lesser Pelvis and Abdominal Organs Performed


For the first time, doctors at the University Clinical Centre (UCC) of the Republic of Srpska performed a complex procedure of removing the lesser pelvis and abdominal organs, due to advanced malignancy.

The patient (48) was discharged on the 14th postoperative day for home treatment and the postoperative course went without complications, it was reported from UCC.

This complex procedure involves two procedures, the first one being surgical and related to the removal of all visible malignant tumorous changes in the abdomen and pelvis.

“In this case, the bladder, ovaries and fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina were removed entirely with the external female genitalia, colon and anus and associated lymph glands”, stated the UCC.

The second procedure involves the treatment of the abdominal and pelvic cavity with a heated cytostatic solution.

“An elevated temperature allows better entry of cytostatics into malignant cells, and at the same time, a higher concentration of cytostatics, up to 25 times higher, can be administered than it would be possible to do intravenously”, it was said from the UCC.

The statement added that the effectiveness of this procedure is most visible in the fact that five-year survival and complete cure have been increased threefold, and it is used exclusively for advanced, clearly indicated malignant tumors of the lesser pelvis and abdominal cavity.

“Now, our patients will not have to go somewhere else in the region to undergo this extremely expensive and complicated procedure, and by that, we will reduce the costs of the Republic of Srpska’s Health Insurance Fund and patients’ families”, noted the UCC of Srpska.




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