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Unite in anti-terrorism combat


Belgrade, November  – Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said in Belgrade that the world is now at the crossroads and should unite in effort to combat terrorism as a threat.
Dodik has said that this particularly refers to Europe over its vulnerability due to the number of states and peoples, which shows a permanent inability to provide quality response to the challenges, starting with the euro crisis in Greece to the migrant one.

“The time has come to speak of a united Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, as was the vision of the French statesman Charles de Gaulle. Europe can do this if it defeats itself, its cynicism and incompetence, without jeopardizing its alliance,” said Dodik at the Scientific International Conference titled “Yalta, Potsdam, Helsinki, Belgrade: in search of security.”

The Srpska president has recalled the statements of Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy a few years ago that multiculturalism is dead, but said that things were not called by their proper names.

Dodik has said that the world has not ended the chapter of the past from the 20th century, two world wars and ideological conflicts which are still the most significant feature of international relations, while the economic crisis contributes to instability.

He has said this is the foundation for the growth of all kinds of unreasonable extremism and exclusiveness, and said that the world has become one place due to the development of communications and the Internet, and no country can be excluded from the happenings.

“There is no an oasis of peace and happiness in the world,” said Dodik.

Source: SRNA


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