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University of St. Petersburg (SPBU) Among the 100 Best Universities in the World


The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, initiated the national project “Education”, with the aim to achieve a number of goals in the field of education and socio-economic areas that correlates with it. In accordance with that St. Petersburg University (SPBU) for the first time has been listed in the Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2020 of the world’s 100 best Executive MBA programs.

Basically the project “Education”is a plan that aims to achieve two key tasks. The first is to ensure the global competitiveness of Russian education and the entry of the Russian Federation into the circle of ten leading countries in the world, in terms of the quality of general education. The second goal is the harmonious development of a person into a socially responsible person based on the spiritual and traditional values ​​of the people of the Russian Federation. The national project moves in four main directions of developing the education system: renewal of its content, creation of the necessary modern infrastructure, preparation of appropriate professional staff, their retraining and acquisition of new qualifications, and also creation of the most efficient management mechanisms in that area. The deadline for the realization of the project is until 2024. The project has already yielded visible results in several fields.

Increase the prestige and quality of secondary vocational education: create 100 centers of advanced vocational education and 5 thousand modern workshops. Build new schools, especially in rural areas. Make the system of additional education accessible and include up to 80% of children under the age of 18 by 2024. Connect all schools in the country without exception to the high-speed Internet. Provide Russian citizens with continuing education and create a system of professional growth for teachers.

One of the successes has already been achieved when it comes to the ranking of the State University of St. Petersburg, which has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in several directions, the most significant of which is in the field of “Russian business school” which entered the list of the best in the world. The goal of the Russian school of business within the university is to create a world-class national management elite, capable of solving tasks in conditions of increased competitiveness against the background of the global economy of the 21st century.

The Financial Times conducts a series of analyzes of educational programs based on data obtained from the school itself as well as a series of questionnaires that its graduates go through. The final ranking list of the school among the first hundred was influenced by such criteria: the average salary of graduates, salary growth and career advancement in the period of three years after the end of the program, then the degree of international academic mobility, the level of scientific research in the school, etc. . Reaching 48 place among European business schools and 93 place against the background of the 100 best universities, is a great confirmation of the past work of the state university in St. Petersburg.

On the occasion of the success, the rector of the university himself gave his comment: “Today, the recognition of the high ranking of business education programs at St. Petersburg State University was confirmed in a number of internationally accredited rating lists, where our university is among the world’s best universities and schools. The fact that the “Russian school of business” entered the list of the top 100 according to the Financial Times, is the merit of the entire teaching staff, listeners and graduates. Thanks to the state support, we have fulfilled that task with dignity and set new ambitious goals, “said the rector of St. Petersburg State University, Nikolai Kropachev.


Author: Slavisha Batko Milacic – independent analyst


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