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USAID invests additional 680,000 BAM ($374,000 USD) to support 52 local businesses in BiH


Over the past three months, 52 local businesses in communities across Bosnia and Herzegovina have been launched with support from the U.S. government, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with ten local governments. Through this partnership, USAID’s Human Rights Activity in BiH (USAID/INSPIRE) has invested 680,000 BAM ($374,000 USD) in an Entrepreneurship Fund jointly funded by the USAID partner cities and municipalities of Zenica, Travnik, Novi Sarajevo, Cazin, Maglaj, Trebinje, Berkovići, Novi Grad, Vlasenica, and Brod.
This fund provides new opportunities for entrepreneurs from marginalized and disadvantaged groups, including single parents, persons with disabilities, long-term unemployed persons, individuals in unfavorable financial situations, unemployed young people up to 35 years of age, and people from rural areas, to launch and run local businesses that will increase their independence and financial stability and empower them to better support themselves and their families.

Since 2015, USAID has invested a total of 2,72 million BAM ($1.5 million USD) through
Entrepreneurship Funds to support 310 marginalized women and other disadvantaged persons to start new businesses in 42 local communities.
“USAID advocates for systemic solutions to challenges that marginalized and disadvantaged groups face in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including underemployment,” said Courtney Chubb, Mission Director of USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The Entrepreneurship Fund is supporting businesses that will strengthen various sectors of the economy, including craft trades, tailoring activities, printing services, furniture assembly and repair, and healthcare services, such as rehabilitation and physical therapy.
Participating entrepreneurs receive financial, advisory, and professional mentoring support to create sustainable and long-term businesses.”

In Travnik, where four female entrepreneurs are participating in the fund, Mayor Kenan Dautović called the program “truly inspiring,” adding, “We wish the entrepreneurs all the best, and at the same time, we want to encourage other residents of our municipality to follow and apply to our calls to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.”
Among the five new businesses participating in the Fund in Trebinje, is the business of Danka Terzić Brkić, who decided to start a screen-printing business.

“After completing my academy and gaining experience in working with video and design, I decided to start a screen-printing business for textiles and other materials. These funds provide me with the opportunity to achieve independence and contribute to local development. I want my work and my business to be an example to young people that they can stay here and build their future in Trebinje,” said Danka Terzić Brkić.




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