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Ustasha Symbols and the Message: “All of This Is Waiting for You” on the Wall of the Orthodox Cemetery


 A written graffiti “All of this is waiting for you” and the Ustasha symbol Latin letter “U” appeared this morning on the fence around the Orthodox cemetery and the Church of the Holy Sunday in Dobrič near Široki Brijeg.

The priest Nebojša Radić has told SRNA that he reported this incident to the police this morning.

Radić has pointed out that people were very scared and upset and that they informed him immediately this morning.

“This is a terrible vandalism. I expect that police will find and punish the perpetrators, and for that competent authorities will condemn this event”, Radić said.

Dobrič is the only place in Široki Brijeg where about 40 Serbs live. Some of them did not leave their homes during the war, and some returned after the war.

Everyone is very scared and upset and asks – “is this really waiting for us”.

They pointed out that they have very good relations with their neighbors.


Source: SRNA


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