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Vanja Grbic: I live outside “reality shows”, we Serbs are filthy people, we cry for our best only when we bury them


The legendary volleyball player explained how he lives without the media chaos, outside politics and his head is calm.

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The legend of Serbian volleyball, Vladimir Vanja Grbic, gave a comprehensive interview for NIN, where he talked about the society in Serbia, Serbs as a people, and youth of today could learn a lot from his lessons.

Especially in today’s time, when kids have been bombed by various media content, especially with reality shows and everything that can be seen in them, which is below every moral level.

– A great artist Nebojsa Glogovac has died, there were texts about him for three days and that’s it. Why? Because, the moral waste of society is left to create criteria of value in Serbia. No, I do not read newspapers, I do not watch TV, I love fishing. People I am friends with are very simple, we live outside reality shows, politics and other stupidity of any kind. My head is calm.

He explained that Serbs don’t respect their legends and they start crying about them only when they bury them.

Patriarch Pavle once said: “To judge about me, first you have to take my hat, my cane, my coat, my shoes, to walk in my steps, to cross my road, and then, if you still want to, you can judge me”. People don’t think like that here.

– We Serbs are filthy people, we eat our own children, we destroy the best, we don’t respect the best, we adore them and we cry about them when we bury them. As the bishop Nikolaj said, we are impatient and that is our greatest sin. But we are who we are, I am who I am and I can’t love anyone else but us.

Vanja said to the athletes that their place is not in politics, and when asked if he was in any protest, even those against Milosevic, he said that he wasn’t.

– I lived abroad from 1992 to 2009. But, if I were here, I wouldn’t go to the protests. I am an athlete. Athletes shouldn’t participate in politics. Let me ask you: What do you think, someone who won the Olympic gold and who wears the jersey of their country, can he and should he bow to the politics of this or that? Do you understand the degradation of integrity?

He described the interesting event after the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996.

– We won the medal, we returned to Belgrade, while we were going to the parliament, where 500.000 were waiting for us, a granny stopped me, I think that she was over 80 years old: “Thank you, son, for everything, now I can die proud”. I never forgot that sentence. Athletes often don’t have a clue how much victories mean to our people and they feel alive and proud. That is how I understood my mission – Vanja Grbic concluded.


Source: telegraf


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