Home News Very few countries can be visited with a B&H passport

Very few countries can be visited with a B&H passport


International consultancy company Henley&Partners has published a list of the “most accepted” passports in the world. Slovenia ranked best in the region, while Kosovo received the lowest rank.

Henley&Partners published the global list of countries in terms of freedom of travel enjoyed by their citizens.

The company analyzed the visa policy of all countries in the world and created the list based on the possibility of entry into another country, Anatolia reports.

Slovenia ranked 12th on the list, along with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Namely, citizens of Slovenia can travel without a visa to 155 countries worldwide. The second best placed Balkan country is Croatia, in 26th place.

Croatian citizens do not require visas for 129 countries out of 219 countries in the world.

Kosovo 88th, B&H 44th

Serbia is in 37th place with 104 points, followed by Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 44th and Kosovo 88th. The best ranked countries on the list are Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


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