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Vevčan Carnival: Pagan Custom Has Been Living in the Balkans Among Christians for 1400 Years (PHOTO)


The now-famous Vevčan Carnival has started in the village of Vevčani in Northern Macedonia, which is visited every year by more and more people who want to enjoy the blend of tradition and modernity.

The Vevčan Carnival is held on St. Basil’s Day – the patron saint of the village, which is the same day as the New Year according to the Julian calendar, and since 1993 the Carnival and the village of Vevcani have officially become part of the World Federation of Carnival Cities.

All residents of the village who make their own masks take part in this carnival, and the ones who must be present are the masks of the bride and groom who go to the lower part of the village to meet the lower from which come “evil forces”.

This whole carnival is dedicated to the pagan custom of fighting evil powers that supposedly scare away when they see masks.

Vevčan masks are made in secret, but unlike many other carnivals, carnivals, ie. Vasiličani burns their masks after the celebration is over.

The peculiarity of the carnival is the political satire in which masked villagers play current political events, so many masks involving military uniforms and weapons could be seen this year.

You can check out some of the other masks this year, and if you regret not being at the festival – don’t worry – this custom has been around for more than 1,400 years, and it will certainly be an event.

Source: B92


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