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Via AVNOJ route to attractive destinations (VIDEO)


If you are going to the AVNOJ route Jajce-Mrkonjic Grad-Bihac, do not miss the opportunity to turn to the Balkana lake, the most attractive resort in this region.

The lake is bounded by pastures and dense oak and coniferous forests. The lake part of the complex consists of two artificial lakes: small and large, the total area of 56.000sqm. They were built in the last century, and are fed from the mountain streams Cjeplo and Skakavac and from the sublacustrine springs beneath the Great Lake. A smaller part of the lake is arranged as a bathing place, and the larger is rich in trout, which is why fishermen are regular visitors.

Several legends have been preserved on the lakeside. One lecture says there were two strong and deep wells-well, full of fish. As the fish in Turkey says baluk, the sources are called Balukhana, which means the fish habitat. Over time, the name has changed – Balukana, and finally in the Balkans, which according to this legend has nothing to do with the term Balkan.

There is a restaurant, next to the lake, famous for its traditional home-made food, so you can eat a purifier, sachets, lamb with barbecue and under the honeycomb, a variety of prepared trout and many other gastronomic specialties of this region.

Every year, the Days of Mowing – The Lazar Laketa Memorial traditionally takes place in the Balkans. The central part is the competition of domestic and foreign mowers, and in addition, folklore, swimming competitions and other sports and cultural events are held. The event is dedicated to the preservation of the tradition of this region, that is, the memory of Mrkonjić mowers.


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